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Remote Patient Care Services

Patients enrolled in the M42 Remote Patient Monitoring Program benefit from the advanced capabilities of BioButton, a medical-grade, FDA-approved wearable sensor device developed by BioIntelliSense.

BioButtons continuously capture vital signs, symptoms, and biometrics at high frequencies, seamlessly integrating with EMR data through the BioDashboard platform. These data fuel BioCloud's predictive algorithms, generating actionable clinical insights for proactive care management. This technology allows for real-time health monitoring from any location, facilitating better connection with healthcare teams.

We value your feedback! If you have any compliments, suggestions, or complaints regarding the device or your experience in our program, please share them with us by completing the form below. Your input helps us continually improve our services and products to better serve you.

Ways We Listen

Please note that we take our patients’ feedback very seriously. Patients who have completed a visit with us may still receive another detailed survey to rate each touchpoint. If we are unable to resolve your concern through the channels above, please feel free to escalate by emailing our corporate office; patientsupport@mubadalahealth.ae, or by contacting the Department of Health (DOH) by phone (800 555).

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