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Home Healthcare

Amana Home Healthcare offers a continuum of care for pediatrics and adults within a home and/or community setting, with a focus on improving functioning ability and wellbeing.

Case Management  

  • Care coordination from pre-admission to discharge follow-up, based on patient needs  

Post-Acute Clinical Care (Hospital at Home service) 

  • Post-operative care 
  • Infusion therapy  
  • Complex wound and stoma management 
  • Education on newly diagnosed chronic illness 
  • Point of care testing 

Post-Acute Transitional Care  

  • Caregiver training 
  • Convalescence following recent illness or injury 
  • Rehabilitative services – including home modifications, equipment, and community reintegration 

Long-Term Nursing Care 

  • Continuous, time-limited and/or periodic home visits by specialized doctors, nurses, and rehabilitation experts from Amana Healthcare’s network of medical and rehabilitation hospitals 
  • Chronic illness management 

Long-Term Complex Care/Palliative Care 

  • Home ventilation program 
  • Palliative care 
  • End-of-life care 

Specialized Pediatric Services 

This includes a multidisciplinary team: a Pediatric Nurse Specialist, Occupational Therapist, Speech & Language Therapist and Physiotherapist, who work with children aged from 0-16 years at home, school, or kindergarten. 

  • Assessment for developmental delays and therapeutic plans 
  • Specialized early intervention services 0-5 years 
  • Sensory integration 
  • Assessment of autism, ADHD, ADD in consultation with Consultant Pediatrician 

Amana Baby  

  • Antenatal and post-natal education and support 
  • Lactation support 

Tissue Viability and Stoma Care Services 

  • Pediatric and adult patients 
  • Specialist wound assessment in acute care to facilitate early transition from acute to primary care setting 
  • Acute and chronic wound management  
  • Advanced wound care management including negative pressure wound therapy 
  • Complex lower limb wound management including ongoing lower limb assessments such as ABPI and monofilament  
  • Advanced Stoma Care Service including pre-operative stoma site marking and education, post-operative and long-term management, support, and education  
  • Complex diabetic foot management in partnership with podiatry and vascular services 
  • Amputee service in partnership with the Post-Acute Rehabilitation Service  
  • Holistic Lymphoedema Service, from initial assessment to establishing a lifelong management plan 
  • Manual lymphatic drainage for patients with primary or secondary lymphoedema 
  • Compression therapy including bandaging and measurement for custom-fit compression garments for lifelong management and prevention of rebound oedema and/or cellulitis 
  • Holistic management of fungating palliative wounds to promote comfort and quality of life 
  • Specialist patient and family education on the prevention of pressure injuries for high-risk patients, including collaboration with the Amana therapy team to complete home assessments to provide individualized care plans, including equipment recommendations and therapy guidelines.