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About Us

Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance sets out the basic principles, standards and behaviors necessary to achieve our objectives and uphold our values. It makes clear that we not only follow the law but strive to operate with the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

    Do you have any Ethics or Compliance queries or questions?

    Amana Healthcare staff can liaise with the Ethics & Compliance Local Champions within their department. 

    • You can contact Amana Healthcare Ethics & Compliance Network Champion – Ann Mia Bliss. 
    • You can contact our Compliance Team at compliance@amanahealthcare.com 
    • You can download the mobile app ‘M-Ethics & Compliance’, available on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
    • Amana Healthcare caregivers can visit the Ethics & Compliance Portal on Policy Manager at https://amanahealthcare.policymedical.net 

    Do you want to raise an Ethics or Compliance concern?

    Patient Stories

    World-class healthcare. Western-trained physicials and specialists. Modern facilities designed with all the comforts of home.

    • A Day in the Life of a Patient – Butti Farhan Al Shams

      It was late at night in January. Butti Farhan Juma Alshamsi was driving home alone on the fast lane from Ajman to Sharjah ...

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      Gulf News reporter Noor Nazzal came to visit Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi in search of an inspiring story of resilience and hope ...

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      Shuaib Al Hosni can remember the moments leading up to the accident that almost cost him the use of his legs.

    • Intensive Rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis

      Multiple Sclerosis is incurable and can be debilitating but with the right care, some sufferers can manage to lead relatively independent lives.

    • Life Saving Encounter

      Marco Andiolo never thought a leisurely Friday afternoon stroll in the mall would save his life. The 56-year old Italian expat ...

    • Patient gets a new lease of life at Amana Healthcare

      When Habib Mohamed Omar arrived at Amana Healthcare (Al Ain) in January 2015 as new patient, he was met with great excitement by all the staff...

    • Persistence & Therapy Help UAE Stroke Patient

      When Yahya Al Kitbi saw his older brother Mohammed take his first step after a massive stroke it was a moment he had never thought possible.

    • The Littlest Princess — Dana’s Journey

      At Amana we’re a lot of things. A sanctuary. A community. A family. We care for each other. We look out for each other. But not everyone stays forever...

    • Patient Testimonial - Wound Management at Home

      Mohannad Al Noubani, whose father underwent tissue viability services for pressure injuries explains the extensive benefits of Amana’s home healthcare service and how the team’s clear and concise communication provided much needed support for his family.