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Amana Healthcare, a Mubadala Health partner, is the Middle East’s leading provider of specialized long-term care, rehabilitation and home healthcare services and is the region’s pioneer in integrated continuum-of-care services. Learn more about our services.

Long-Term Care

Amana provides long-term care for adults and pediatrics who require long-term ventilation due to genetic disorders or complex medical conditions, in an inpatient setting with 24-hour intensive care unit (ICU) physicians, multidisciplinary therapists and a patient & family experience team, all working closely to enhance the quality of life of those patients.

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Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

Amana Healthcare provides specialized rehabilitation for patients who require inpatient, outpatient or home/telerehabilitation after a life-changing event, such as long Covid-19 (post-Covid complications), stroke, brain injury, spinal injury, joint replacement, or amputation. Our rehabilitation programs, led by internationally trained physical medicine & rehabilitation physicians and supported by a multidisciplinary therapy team, are personalized for each patient, so they can return home or/and get back to work as quickly as possible.

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Home Healthcare

Amana Home Healthcare offers a continuum of care for pediatrics and adults within a home and/or community setting, with a focus on improving functioning ability and wellbeing.

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Tissue Viability & Stoma Care

Tissue Viability and Stoma Care services for inpatients or those discharged home. 

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