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Dr. John Engsig

Consultant Anesthesia
Language Spoken
en da scandinavian


Dr. John Engsig is a consultant anesthesiologist and lead physician with over 40 years of experience in his field.

Dr. Engsig graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1981, obtaining his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Following his graduation, Dr. Engsig completed his postgraduate education in internal medicine, surgery residency, anesthesiology and intensive care, in Denmark.

Prior to joining Amana Healthcare, Dr. Engsig worked at NovaVita Specialised Pediatric Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE as a medical director and consultant intensivist.

Scope of Practice

Mechanical ventilation, intensive care unit and pediatric intensive care unit.

Field of Expertise

Ventilation and ventilation weaning, post intensive care unit recovery, pediatric intensive care unit, and emergency medicine.

Awards & Accreditations

MBBS, Silver medal from the University of Copenhagen