COVID - 19 Updates

In line with international standards to provide you with the safest environment, we have introduced the following precautionary measures at our facilities:

  • Limiting the number of people within our facilities to ensure physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Visitors are limited to a maximum of 2 for in patients and 1 for long-term care patients.
  • No visitors under the age of 12
  • Vaccinated visitors must present a valid PCR not exceeding 14 days
  • Non-vaccinated visitors must present a valid PCR not exceeding 7 days
  • If you have concerns about your home visit or assessments: Call Amana Healthcare at 02 634 0436

What is COVID-19? 

COVID-19 is a newly identified respiratory virus in the coronavirus family, but it is more severe and spreads easily. Diagnosis is difficult because it shares several symptoms with influenza.


What are the symptoms of COVID-19? 

These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have COVID-19. They are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu. 


How is COVID-19 transmitted? 

COVID-19 is thought to spread similarly to influenza. That is, it spreads person to person through respiratory droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze. These droplets can land on surfaces within about 6 feet/2 meters and can spread to other people after they contact these infected surfaces with their hands and subsequently touch their face.


Is there a vaccine against COVID-19? 

Yes, there are vaccines that help protect us from COVID 19. These are also widely available across UAE. 


What can I do to avoid COVID-19? 

To avoid COVID-19, you should: 


How should I act around other people? 


What is the meaning of Isolation and Quarantine? 

Isolation and quarantine are common public health strategies used to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Isolation and quarantine keep people who are sick or exposed to illness isolated for a defined period of time to prevent the disease spread. 

Isolation is the separation of the affected person or person suspected of being infected from other healthy people for the duration of the disease infection in appropriate places and health conditions, in order to prevent the transmission of the infection. 

Quarantine is the act of restricting the activities of healthy people for a period of time as determined by competent medical authorities. 

What can happen if I am in quarantine? 

You may be asked to: 


What is Amana Healthcare doing to ensure patient and caregiver safety? 

Amana Healthcare takes the safety of our patients and caregivers seriously. We have detailed and thorough plans for patient care and protecting caregivers. Precautionary measures have been implemented. These actions taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus are being updated daily according to the evolving situation and as part of our commitment to protect the interests of both our patients and caregivers. 


What information sources are reliable? 

Department of Health Abu Dhabi 

The World Health Organization 

The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) 

UAE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates 


Mubadala Health COVID-19 Vaccination Centers